Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city in the Netherlands and is located in North Holland province. Its name is derived from a dam (dam) on the river Amstel, where the river is the city. The city is known for its historic harbor, its internationally renowned museums, its red-light district (Red Light District, the ” Red Light District “), his liberal coffee shops, and its numerous canals that led him to be called the “Venice of North”.

Amsterdam has a population of 813,562 (2014) inhabitants, while its metropolitan area has about 2 million. It is the center of a vast continuous urban area called Randstad, which extends from Rotterdam to Amsterdam and Utrecht also, with about 7.6 million inhabitants.

The city stands out for its financial sector, and the fifth European financial center. With labor- skilled workers in the logistics sector, the city claims by its infrastructure that brings together an international airport and a modern seaport.

Most of the city consists of polders. The relief of Amsterdam is a region found at an altitude below the sea level. A good planning system channels in the form of circles which interconnect the true urban drainage method. These channels with shadows of trees make Amsterdam division islands. More than 400 bridges make the connection of the islands.

The official motto of the city is ” Heldhaftig, Vastberaden , Barmhartig ” ( ” Valiant , Determined and Merciful ” ) . These three words come from the official designation granted by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands in 1947, in honor of the courage of the city during World War II.

The ethnic makeup of the city in 2012 was 49.5% holandesese 50.5 % foreigners. People of non- European origin constituted in all 34.9 % of the population and 52.6 % of children under 18 years of age.

Amsterdam is the region that most concentrated industries and where food is processed. Among the manufactured products of greatest importance are counted beer, printed, ships, metals, medicine and clothing. The city is also one of the centers where there are industries that lapidam diamonds in the world.

There are a lot of years, Amsterdam is the object of knowledge as one of the commercial ports most prominent in the world. Schiphol International Airport is about twenty minutes by train from central Amsterdam. It is the largest airport of the Netherlands by number of passengers, the fifth in Europe and tenth in the world. There is headquartered KLM, the airline of the Netherlands.

The Anne Frank House is a very popular tourist destination, and the Hortus Botanicus, founded in the early 1960s, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world , with many old and rare species , among which is the plant coffee which left the branch that served as the basis of the plantations in Central America and South America

Amsterdam is known factory of Heineken beer, which also has its Heineken Experience museum. The sports club AFC Ajax have its seat and stadium in the city, called Amsterdam ArenA. Also the prestigious Concertgebouw concert hall is home to the equally famous symphony orchestra, the Orquesta Royal Concertgebouw, which gave its first concert on November 3, 1888.

There are numerous buildings, churches, squares and bridges worth visiting. An interesting time to visit the city is Queen’s Day or Koninginnedag to 30 April. On this day all the townspeople sell on the streets all sorts of things, mainly household items you no longer use. The city becomes a market and a real party and the streets are crowded with people dressed in the royal house color, orange.

The liberal spirit that it inherited from the Golden Age justifies the fact that in it there are a few cafes, so-called coffeeshops where is authorized the use of soft drugs and there is a legalized sex industry. In ” Red Light District” (or Red Light District) the streets are packed with free shops, bars where stem erotic shows, erotic cinemas and even a sex museum. The prostitution in the Netherlands is completely legalized in areas designated for it.

Amsterdam is the center of Dutch culture. The tourist attractions of notoriety which are located in the historic city center are exemplifying the Old Church, which arose in the thirteenth century, the former building of the City Council, now the Royal Palace and the residence where Rembrandt spent his life. The Rijksmuseum, the museum most important of Amsterdam, is the place to display a lot of Rembrandt’s works such as Night Watch and masterpieces of a lot of other artists. The Van Gogh Museum is possessed of a great deal of work of the Dutch artist which is attributed to the author.
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