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As a company dedicated to the area of the ” Shipping ” and Travel, the ANV creates throughout the year a considerable number of jobs, highlighting the scale of the Cruise ships as well as recruitment and boarding crew to work in foreign companies. It has offices in all the islands, and the island of Santiago ‘s busiest.



The ANV -SA, S.VICENTE, has a registered capital of 30,000,000 $ 00 (Thirty million escudos) subscribed and paid. Headquartered in Mindelo, the company’s main object the sale and brokerage of all services relating to the carriage of passengers and cargo. Its offices are located by the river to the bay of Porto Grande as a backdrop, giving it a unique image of the entire seafront.

With the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, the company was transformed into two Corporations, ANV, SARL and ANAV – PRAIA, SARL through the # 29 Decree / 97 of 20 May.


The House Cory Brothers / Millers & Cory.o called ” the Millers office ” belonged initially to Cory Brothers company, which was established in Porto Grande in 1875. The building was then transferred to the company by Mr. Zangury, the first representative of Cory Brothers in St. Vincent. With the Independence of Cape Verde, more specifically in 1978 the company final went to the State and subsequently on 12 July 1980 established the National Travel Agency, EP keeping the same structure of the time, still today one of the buildings emblematic and impressive city.


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